Actually, I Can

Campaign | Print Design | Illustration

The mission for the “Actually, I Can” campaign is to help the younger generations understand what feminism is and provide an outlet for discussion and expression of their opinions. This original idea and concept was derived from the fact that in high school and even college, students don’t have an outlet to express, explore, and discuss this topic. When designing this brand, my focus was on strong typographical elements. The icon represents two fists in stereotypical gender colors to signify unified strength between all genders.

Client Personal Year 2017 Skills Illustrator Photoshop Adobe XD InDesign

When creating “Actually, I Can” The first logo that was developed was basic pastel pink circle with a script font going through the middle with the words “Actually, I Can.” Feeling that it wasn’t strong enough to portray the concept of this non-profit, I ended up going back to the drawing board. After getting a better feel of the direction to take this in, the concept of the “geometric fist idea” emerged. The two colored fist portrays unity. Then two different serif font chosen were added in to create a visual hierarchy. The lighter font called ‘ChaletComprime- MilanEighty’ is used for the “Actually” and “Futura Extra Bold Condensed” is used for the “I, Can” to make the message of power and unity come across in the logo itself.