Converse Cactus Collection

Sneaker Design | Package Design | Digital Illustration

For this project, I was tasked to create an original shoe concept and design for an existing brand. I choose to create a collection for Converse called “Cactus Collection”. For the design, I drew the illustrations for each different type of cactus. The three cacti I chose were Bunny Ears, San Pedro, and Saguaro. I really wanted to use earth tones mixed with the colors the cacti in their natural state. In this design the Converse logo was adapted to fit the “Cactus Collection” theme. For the box design, I laser engraved the logo on the lid. 



Laser Cutter

With the box for the shoes, I wanted to create this earthy type box to fit with the shoes. So I decide to craft the boxes out of wood and to laser engrave on to them to have them feel like they are apart of the shoe series  

San Pedro

Bunny Ears