Student EXhibit Posters

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For this project, I was chosen to create a poster series for the Design & Engineering Conference Student Exhibit for Johnson & Wales University’s Design program that was being displayed during 2019-2020. I wanted to create a series that was both modern and futuristic intertwined together. This poster was displayed in the hallways of the John J. Bowen Center for Science & Innovation where the Design gallery is located and throughout the university for promotion of the exhibit. I needed to incorporate the Johnson & Wales University design standards. Trying to balance the modern and futuristic themes was a challenge but I was able to achieve that through the font pairings and color choices.

JWU Design Department



The colors used were meant to create a different feeling with each poster. I used both cool colors within each poster to create a relaxing effect. In the end, only one of the posters was used for the exhibit but I wanted to create a series for my portfolio.