Taste of the Mediterrannean

Resturant Pop-Up | Print Design | Photography

This project was a collaboration between the Johnson & Wales Graphic Design student design team and the Johnson & Wales Culinary student chef team. The design team was asked to conceptualize and create branding for a restaurant pop-up. Using the chef team’s idea of the concept Mediterranean and Ocean our team designed several different deliverables including table tents, tickets, flyer, comment cards, and Instagram ads. I used my knowledge of design to create a concept along with my design team. Laser engraving and building the station menus for this project was one of the highlights. 

JWU Experiential



The use of laser cutting and engraving was used in different aspects of this project. We engraved the table tents for each station the culinary team had. We also laser engraved and cut the tickets for the stations so that they would have different textures to them.