The Garden PLayhouse

Character Design | Package Design | Digital Illustration

The challenge for this project was to create a gender neutral playhouse with characters for ages 5 and up. I really wanted to create something that was illustrative and whimsical. Therefore, I chose to combine different types of flowers with different types of bugs. The characters I created are Sonny the Sunflower Dragonfly, Penelope the Peony Butterfly, and Fiona the Forget-Me-Not Ladybug. I was able to achieve my goal with the use of bright colors and a sketchy look for my character illustrations and box design.



Laser Cutter

Each character was hand drawn by myself to create this whimsical playhouse box. I took inspiration from the different flowers and bugs to create the different personalities for each characters. After they were drawn, I used Adobe Capture to create and outline of it and then proceeded to illustrate them. I then printed them out, glued them the chip board and laser cut them out so they can stand.